Koen De Preter | Zomer van Antwerpen

‘YoYoGi’ is a free social-artistic and site-specific event initiated by choreographer Koen De Preter, in collaboration with festival Zomer van Antwerpen.

A park in the city is transformed into an artistic hangout full of dance and music. The inspiration comes from Yoyogi Park in Tokyo where every Sunday tons of dancers, musicians, karatekas, cosplayers and a whole lot of other subcultures meet to spend their afternoon. The park becomes a creative zone for the most diverse disciplines.

‘YoYoGi’ is an open call to everyone who wants to practice their hobbies in open air: music, dance, martial arts, singing, sports, games. ‘YoYoGi’ is about sharing and participating. Sharing as in offering workshops, performing your act on open mic, rehearsing dance routines, playing on a public piano… Participating as in joining pop-up choreographies by invited artists, choir-sessions and following free workshops (kungfu, quidditch, acroyoga, djembé, bollywood dance, tai-chi, popping & locking, ropeskipping, contact improvisation…). Everyone is asked to join in.

‘YoYoGi’ is not only an open call to the audience, but Koen also invites local artists and bands to perform, give workshops or make choreographies with local amateur dancers.

We had two editions of ‘YoYoGi’ in Antwerp and there was a spin-off at Travellings festival in Marseille in September 2016. The third edition in Antwerp is happening in August 2017.
Weekly program: www.zomervanantwerpen.be and www.facebook.com/yoyogiantwerp


Contributions 2015 + 2016:

Pop-up choreographies: Koen De Preter, Ann Van den Broek, Koen Augustijnen, Sarah Hadadia (Let’s Go Urban)

Pop-up performances: Koen De Preter, Tuning People, Benjamin Vandewalle, De Genoten, Het_Ulevel, Jotka Bauwens, Dochters van Eva, Vera Tussing, Katrien Oosterlinck

Workshops: Koen De Preter, Tutti Fratelli, Jan Martens, Eastman, Allez, Chantez!, dr.Song, Apollo Swing, The Antwerp Lindy Hoppers, Bhumika Parekh, Kungfu Harmoniepark, Inner Motion vzw, Skip Up, AcroContactYoga…

Concerts: Chackie Jan, The Hipster Jugend, Sue Me Charlie, The Human Jukebox, Music for Rabbits, Feniks Taiko, Maria Ibarretxe, Alek et Les Japonaises, Mon-O-Phone, Adil & A.KA., Nele Needs a Holiday, Aedell Wolff…

More info and pictures: www.facebook.com/yoyogiantwerp


concept Koen De Preter
production manager Sarah Ivens
technical director Klaas Trekker, Tim Schevernels
project management Lenneke Rasschaert
coproduction Zomer van Antwerpen
special thanks to ccBe