Koen De Preter & Maria Ibarretxe | fABULEUS

We dance to forget (2007) was the breakthrough performance for Koen De Preter and toured for 6 years through 11 countries.

A woman and a man. They dance. Next to each other. With one another. Apart from each other. One upon the other. For one another. They dance together. A whole evening long.

The pop soundtrack of Belgian DJ Bobby Ewing (Discobar Galaxie / Shameboy) drives them over the dance floor. The two dance the most different styles onto his music, they tell the most different stories. Or one story. The story of a woman and a man. The story of constant alteration: alternation of interest and absent-mindedness, boredom and excitement, insanity and serenity, aversion and devotion.

We dance to forget reminds you of the moments where nothing or no-one could hold you back from dancing to your favourite song.

Maria and Koen met during the International Young Makers Marathon 2004, an initiative by Theater aan Zee (Ostend), which brought their performances Txatxorras’ Cube and Les mots… toujours les mots bien sûr to Ostend, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Brussels and Edinburgh.


concept Koen De Preter
choreography & dance Koen De Preter & Maria Ibarretxe
soundtrack DJ Bobby Ewing
dramaturgy Annette van Zwoll
light design Stéphane Vernimmen
technical direction Lennert Dierick

production fABULEUS in collaboration with STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven
coproduction city of Leuven


more info on fABULEUS: www.fabuleus.be