Koen De Preter (1981, Belgium) is dancemaker and performer. In his work, he has a fascination for performers of all ages and dance backgrounds. The strive for a balance between abstraction and performativity forms a constant in his creations, together with the use of eclectic soundtracks.

This summer, we are glad to present the third edition of YoYoGi at festival Zomer van Antwerpen. YoYoGi is a big participatory site-specific event which transforms a park in the city into an artistic hangout full of dance, music, sports and games. Everyone is welcome to perform at the open stage, join free workshops or enjoy pop-up performances and concerts by Koen De Preter and other artists.

Later this season Koens newest creation will premiere. DANCING will be a solo. DIY, because we live in a moment of crisis. No deus ex machina. Pure movement & sweat. He challenges himself as a dancer and looks for freedom in movements. A radical solo because we live in radical times, an absurd solo, because we live in absurd times. But nevertheless also a poetic solo. Because this world needs poetry.

To Belong (2016), his creation with Theater Stap continues to tour in Wales (Hijinx Festival) and Korea (KIADA Festival Seoul). To Belong performed in Antwerp (DEStudio), Leuven (STUK), Manchester and Brighton (SICK! Festival), Internationales Festival Freiburg and Potsdamer Tanztage.

In 2014 Koen created 15 Seconds of Fame, a piece for young audiences, for Danish production house Aabendans (Roskilde). The internationally acclaimed production J O U R N E Y, a duet with 89-year old dancer Alphea Pouget, was created in 2013.

Other productions were The House That Built Us, a collaboration with Antwerp based theatre collective UNM (2012) and While things can change with Maria Ibarretxe from the Basque Country. This show was short-listed for Circuit X in 2011, a quality label for young talent, and performed at Het Theaterfestival in Brussels. In 2010 Koen made a duet entitled Sometimes it’s there with the Swede Ulrika Kinn Svensson, which was selected for the Aerowaves 2011 European tour and Dansclick 12 in the Netherlands.

At the beginning of his career he made a number of creations under the wing of fABULEUS (Leuven), including the internationally successful We dance to forget with Maria Ibarretxe.

As a dancer Koen has worked for several international companies and choreographers, including Raimund Hoghe (Brussels/Bruges), Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin), Fanny & Alexander (Ravenna), T.R.A.S.H. (Tilburg), Keren Levi (Groningen) and United-C (Eindhoven). He obtained the bachelor's degree in dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg.